Lesson 12:  Socialism is Anti-Social
Crooks and narcissists exist everywhere, but they operate best when they have a system to
game.  Capitalism is not a system; it is lightly regulated freedom.  It lets businesses compete
at pleasing consumers.  Socialism causes consumers to compete with each other for
government money and favors.  The consumers elect representatives to compete on their
behalf in Congress.  Each district tries to get back at least what it paid in taxes, and
hopefully more.  Of course, more means stealing from other districts.  The same occurs
between businesses, who lobby for tax and regulatory advantages over their competitors,
creating unfair playing fields.  It also occurs among some individuals who receive
entitlements, then feel entitled to cheat a faceless system that "owes" them.  

Thus selfishness and theft  are encouraged among  regular folks by a system that is
ironically named Socialism.
*     This fact is further shown by the dramatically higher rate of
charitable generosity by Red States
**.  Blue States are more miserly for at least two reasons:
1.  Blue State people figure that they're already donating plenty in the form of high taxes.  
2.  The private charity sector in Blue States is less robust due to government involvement.    

Charity is a central requirement of every major religion, including Christianity, Islam and
Judaism.  The Bible requires 10% per year
*** (tithe means tenth); Islam demands at least
2.5% .  There is a vague consensus among most religions and most people about what
qualifies as alms. Because of this universality, it is reasonable for religious societies to
express that requirement through government in the form of government-mandated charity.  
It may even be reasonable for government to specify what charities are acceptable, such as
we do with our 501C3 tax deduction laws.  

However, few religions have specified
where you must donate, except when churches have
levied tithes.  Certainly, no religion had mandated  large donations to a government-run
charity...until the religion of Socialism.  Such laws are immoral because government does to
charity what it does to any business that it tries to conduct:  it ruins it.  It does so in the
usual ways:
1.  by bloating the cost of bureaucratic administration, thereby reducing the money that gets
to the needy.
2.  by monopolizing the charity sector and destroying competition.  
3.  by adding political influence and political correctness, resulting in the mismanagement of
funds.  Two good examples of this are
    a).  the dependency class that is created when recipients are also voters.
    b).  the misdirection of funds to inappropriate places in inappropriate amounts.  
         i).   questionable disabilities.
         ii).  controversial causes, such as clinics for abortion or methadone

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*     Why do I keep referring to Socialism?  Liberalism, Socialism and Communism are varying degrees of the
same "left-wing" idea.  We have had all 3 elements in our society for 100 years.  However in recent years, and
particularly with the last election, there has been a radical shift in leftist rhetoric and agenda.  More leftists,
including close associates of the President, are openly Socialist.  In the past, left-wing proposals were at least
presented as so-called Safety Nets.  Now they speak plainly about redistribution of wealth.  The Liberal label
is therefore too understating for today's Lefties.  

**    Red States are states that voted for George W Bush in 2004.  The evidence of Red State generosity is well-
documented in Arthur Brooks' book
Who Really Cares.

***  Leviticus 27:30-32