Lesson 13:  Should Minus Can
         I was once in an on-line forum for physicians, trying to explain to some doctors (a
    profession not famous for economic acumen) how some of candidate Barak Obama's
    health insurance ideas were designed to dismantle the health insurance industry.  (His
    purpose is to create a vacuum for government to fill).  Requiring coverage of preexisting
    conditions, I explained, was like requiring auto insurance companies to insure cars that
    had already been wrecked.  It would defeat the purpose of insurance and turn the
    business into a money-loser.  Since nobody goes into business to lose money, nobody
    would stay in the industry.  One doctor responded (in typical Liberal fashion) that people
    are more important than cars.  My response to him is my lesson to you:
    Yes, people are special, but we are not magical.  We can no more defy the laws of
    economics than we can defy the laws of gravity; and if you would not jump off a cliff,
    then you should not jump off the economic cliff of Socialism.  

        Liberals have often been described as overeducated, utopian idealists who lack the
    common sense that comes with experience.  They are much worse.  They are like
    heroine addicts: hooked on a world of fantasy, reacting ferociously to any imposition of
    reality.  The Liberal voter and politician is a symbiotic relationship.  The voter wants to
    pretend that money comes from government, and the politician is happy to oblige (see
    Lesson 2).   This relationship is on display every day in photo ops in your local
    newspaper.  The politician is holding a big phony check and taking a big phony bow,
    while a community leader squeals with gratitude at the crumb that has been "granted."

        Perhaps even more dangerous is the Socialist delusion of a limitless supply of
    resources.  All resources are limited, including labor and talent (see Lesson 5).  Even the
    air you breathe can be polluted.  This delusion can reach psychotic proportions, as
    displayed by President Obama's current attempts to spend imaginary amounts of money.  
    They are amounts that do not exist and cannot exist for generations.  Stay tuned for his
    next proposal: a zillion jillion dollars.  

        Resources are not only limited by the finiteness of their existence.  They are also
    limited by their alternative uses, and the competing demands placed on them.  That is
    why ethanol subsidies in the U.S. starve people around the world.  They don't just divert
    the use of corn from food to fuel.  They also redirect the use of farmers, farm land and
    rain water.  

        This brings us to our second math lesson:
    - Can      
    = Liberalism.

    When you take all the things that should be, and remove all that is possible, the leftover
    refuse is what occupies the Liberal mind.  They don't need power, they need
    Psychiatrists.  Liberalism requires denial on many levels, including denying the historical
    evidence of its own failure.  (One only need compare East and West Germany before the
    fall of the Berlin wall).  There is a reason Republicans are the elephants:  they
    remember.  They remember that history is not in the past, which is why they own guns.

        The best demonstration of Liberal antipathy to reality is by examination of their two
    biggest sins: discrimination and judgment (or "judgementalism").  Both of these mean
    basically the same thing: thinking.  Instead of thinking, we are expected to pretend:
    pretend that single mothers of small children are equal in workforce value to married
    fathers of grown children; pretend that small women (or men) are physically qualified to
    be patrol officers; pretend that a baby in the womb is not alive; pretend that an ovulating
    woman belongs anywhere near a battle field; pretend that crimes are just mistakes and
    sins are just lifestyles.