Lesson 4:  Bureaucracy Must Grow.
 Power is the ability to do what we want and have what we want.  People have a natural
instinct to want to increase power (ambition), even when our wants are few.  In the private
sector, we measure power with money.  Money is earned through profit.  Profit is grown by
shrinking cost and growing a customer base.  Thus, the standard business model tends to be

 Government can't grow it's base, except through war and conquest.  A peaceful
government already has a 100% market share.  Therefore, people in government only have
three ways to increase their power:  
1.  Increase the size of their budgets.
2.  Increase the number of people who work under them.
3.  Increase their political power with more rules and regulations.

 Government must therefore expand from the middle, with an ever-increasing, costly
bureaucracy.  In business, a need creates a job.  In government, the job gets made first,
then the bureaucrat has to find something to do.  What they do is make rules and forms and
when they're finished, they make new ones.  There isn't much else for a bureaucrat to do.

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