Lesson 8:  Government Unions are
 Unions were born of the idea that if the company workers made a product and the
company owners made a profit, then the workers were entitled to a reasonable share of that
profit.  In recent decades, however, as union laws relaxed, unionized companies couldn't
compete and the prevalence of unions in business shrank down to nearly nothing.  
However, unions didn't go away.  Instead, they found a new home among government
employees.  37% of government employees are union members, compared to just 7.6% in
the private sector.

  The problem is that there is no profit in government.  There is only taxation on you.  In
addition, the owners in government are We the People.  The whole notion of a government
union is therefore a blatant, immoral conflict of interest. With the power to tax, the  
potential "share" for the union worker is nearly limitless.   Thus the role of the union has,
through government, been reversed:  They are now the Big Guy oppressing the Little Guy.  
However, the best evidence of this is not oppression of the taxpayer, but instead the
oppression of urban, minority school children.  The government teacher's union, the
National Education Association (NEA), is afraid that competition will do to them what it
did to business sector unions.  In fact, they are so afraid that they will not allow School
Choice.  School Choice is the idea of allowing poor kids who are stuck in bad public
schools to use public education funds to attend private schools.    Want to know how
powerful the NEA is?  We now have an inner-city, black "community activist" President
who won't let poor inner-city black kids escape from bad schools.  

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