Lesson 9:  Too much profit.
        For each person, for each type of business, there is a minimum profit margin.  That is
    the least amount that you are willing to  make if you spend what it takes to do that
    1.  the time and money you spend to get a degree.
    2.  the time, money, stress and health you risk to start a business or run a business.  (The
    heart bypass is the corporate battle scar).  
    3.  the money you spend to buy stock in a business.

         In any given industry, price competition forces each surviving participant down to that
    minimum.  The  exceptions are the businesses where government inhibits competition,
    such as inner city taxi services and other overly-licensed trades,  cable t.v. and other
    utilities, and certain other government-favored businesses such as Fannie Mae and
    several Blue Cross companies.  For the rest of us, there is no such thing as too much

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